It’s Easy To Bring Equalogy To Your Campus

Whether you're from the Counseling Center or Residence Life, Student Activities or the Athletic Department, we're happy to work with you. Before bringing Equalogy to your school these are some important considerations:


A theatre is preferable, but we can perform in any space where either the audience is on an incline or the actors are raised. The actors stand and sit during the performance, and we want the audience a few rows back to see. A lecture hall or multipurpose room with a makeshift stage or risers works just fine. We are flexible and can work with you based on the resources you have available.

Audience Size

Because of the interactive aspects of our performances we limit our audience sizes to 350. This optimizes the experience for the audience. We do not want this to limit the number of students we are able to reach so we offer second or third performances at a fraction of the cost.


Professional Counselor(s)

Because of the nature of our performance, please plan for at least one member from your counseling staff to be present and available to students during and after the performance. In lieu of a staff person, you can provide peer counselors or a counselor from the community. Many colleges will invite representatives from the community rape crisis center/battered women’s shelter or campus security to introduce themselves and explain available resources.

Make the Most of Us

Our program is designed to stand alone, but that does not mean it has to! Many campuses have had success pairing our programming with small-group discussions, a written response, a Take Back the Night rally, or The Vagina Monologues.


Technical Requirements

No lights? No microphones? No problem! Our actors are trained to project their voices and can be heard in any space with reasonable acoustics. We will work with what you have available.

Book Us Early!

We work very hard to get to every campus that requests a visit, but that is not always possible. Book early to get the date of your choice! Contact us today!