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​Our partners say that we are “captivating,” and “speaking to the hearts of the students.” We understand the difficulty of presenting these complex issues, and we have developed a successful way to reach students in a genuine and impactful way. ​

 Audiences often get so involved that they forget they are dealing with fictional characters. During the early parts of the play the characters joke around, tease each other and party. Students enjoy and relate to the characters because they sound like them. By the time the play becomes serious, students are deeply invested in the characters and how their lives unfold.

Male Friendly and Inclusive

One of the primary goals of Equalogy is to bring men in to the discussion, and to show that this is not just a concern for women. Each play has a positive male character. As the story progresses he grows and comes to the realization that he has to take a stand on this issue, demonstrating bystander intervention skills.


An Original Play About Acquaintance Rape

​One Night is an original play about rape among friends. In the course of being entertained, audience members will have an opportunity to consider common misconceptions about rape. The program also covers: legal, medical, and community options available to rape victims, how drugs and alcohol are often used to increase vulnerability, risk-reduction techniques, and ways to support victims and work to end rape.

An Original Play About Intimate Partner Violence

Four Hearts tells a powerful story about relationships and violence. The play follows four friends as they begin going out with each other. Over time, one couple’s relationship becomes increasingly serious. Hints arise that something is not quite right. The challenge is to uncover the truth of what’s really happening behind closed doors. At critical points, the actors will stop the action and remain in character while audience members ask them questions to discover each character’s motives, feelings, opinions, and plans.


What Do We Discuss?

  • Demonstrate the dynamics and raise awareness of violence against women
  • How to model positive relationships
  • Legal, medical, and community options available to survivors
  • How drugs and alcohol are used to increase vulnerability
  • Build techniques and ways for students to support survivors (Bystander Education and awareness)

Title IX & The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act

Not just about sports! Sex-based discrimination is prohibited in any educational program or activity that receives federal funding. ​In addition to ensuring full compliance with Title IX, The Office of Civil Rights recommends that schools take proactive measures to prevent sexual harassment and violence.

In 2013, the Campus SaVE Act amended the Cleary Act to mandate extensive primary prevention and awareness programs in regards to sexual misconduct and related offenses. Education programs that are in compliance with Title IX and the SaVE Act shall include:

  • Primary prevention and awareness programs for all incoming students and new employees
  •  Safe and positive options for bystander intervention
  • Information on risk reduction to recognize warning signs of abusive behavior
  • Ongoing prevention and awareness programs for students and faculty

What proactive steps are you taking to meet these requirements?
Let Equalogy support your Title IX and Campus SaVE Act compliance!